State Veterinary Administration



Is a public administration body under the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic and it was established according to the Veterinary Act No. 166/1999.

Its purpose is primarily the protection of consumers from products of animal origin likely to be harmful to human health, monitoring of animal health situation and maintaining it favourable, veterinary protection of the state territory of the Czech Republic, animal welfare and animal protection.




Information of the publication of AI-free status by the OIE


We would like to inform you on the publication of an article on the renewal of AI-free status as regards avian influenza in the Czech Republic on the official web site of the OIE.

The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) received from the OIE on 5 September 2017 information on the publication of the following article at the following address: The Czech Republic met all conditions for the renewal of the status and summarised required information pursuant to the OIE Terrestrial Code.

The article mentions that the Czech Republic is from 23 June 2017 free from avian influenza. The publication of the article on the official web site of the OIE has made the information available to all third countries.


Czech Republic_Self decl_AI_20170831 (548,5 KB)


The first occurrence of African swine fever in history has been confirmed in the population of wild boars in the Czech Republic


The first occurrence of African swine fever in history (187,3 KB)

District Zlin (310,0 KB)


ASF in the Czech Republic

(17. 8. 2017)

asf_eng (207,6 KB)


HPAI in poultry and wild birds in the Czech Republic

(4. 4. 2017)

HPAI situation (1,1 MB)


HPAI prevention and control measures

HPAI prevention and control measures (405,7 KB)