TRACES is the European Commission’s multilingual online sanitary and phytosanitary certification platform supporting the importation of animals, animal products, food and feed of non-animal origin and plants into the European Union, and the intra-EU trade and EU exports of animals and certain animal products. The new version of the system – TRACES New Technology (TRACES NT) falls within the scope of the Information Management System for Official Controls (IMSOC).

On Monday 11 October 2021, the new INTRA module in TRACES NT will be activated. The INTRA module in TRACES Classic will be deactivated on Saturday 16 October 2021.

Any person who needs to use TRACES NT needs to register personally as a user and request a role:

  1. Create a new EU Login account (europa.eu)
  2. Request a new user access profile in TRACES.NT (europa.eu)

Manuals for operators for the new INTRA module in TRACES NT:

EU-INTRA user guide for operators (1.6 MB)

Complete information and instructions can be found on the European Commission websites:

Home (europa.eu)

Contact us

ID data box


Emergency line


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