Import of non-harmonized animals and of products of animal origin from third countries

The veterinary conditions for the import of animals and/or of products of animal origin from third countries are set up and harmonized in the majority of cases by the relevant EU legislation. This legislation and applicable rules are binding for all EU Member States (MSs).

In case of import of animals and/or of products of animal origin, for which the rules have not been set by the EU legislation, the conditions are given by individual MSs in their own rules. For the imports into the Czech Republic, the importer of these non-harmonized commodities – animals and/or products (e.g. reptiles, amphibians, carnivores, dogs´ semen and samples for research or diagnostic purposes) – has to apply at the Central Veterinary

Administration of the State Veterinary Administration (CVA SVA) at least 15 days prior scheduled importation, for the import conditions under which the relevant animal and /or product can be imported from the given third country. The subsequent importation of the non-harmonized animal/s and /or product/s is then possible only when complying with the veterinary conditions given by the CVA SVA or formulated in a specimen veterinary certificate annexed.

The application for the veterinary import conditions for the importation has to be sent by the importer to epodatelna@svscr.cz.

The shipments of non-harmonized animals and/or of products of animal origin which enter the EU through a border veterinary inspection post (BVIP) of another MS (not via BVIP Prague-Ruzyně), have to be accompanied also by an official or officially approved (following the requirement of the EU entry BVIP) translation of the given requested veterinary conditions (translation into the official language of the MS of EU entry).

The veterinary certificate, when part of given veterinary import conditions, is usually in a bilingual form (CZ-EN version).

Rules for non-commercial movement of pet birds from a territory or third country to the European Union valid from 1st January 2022 (174.5 KB)

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