Registered subjects


Lists of Establishments


Food establishments

Food establishments – according to EU specification

Food establishments with conditional approval

Processors of animal by products

Semen collection and storage centres

Embryo collection and production teams

Assembly centres

Quarantine facilities or centres


Bodies, institutes or centres

Registered persons involved in the trade in animals and animal products

Establishments handling products of animal origin for which Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 853/2004 does not lay down requirements

Establishment approved according to the Council Directive 2009/158/EC on animal health conditions governing intra-Community trade in, and imports from third countries of, poultry and hatching eggs

Approved/registered establishment in accordance with Section A to Chapter V to Annex IV to Regulation (EC) No 999/2001 laying down rules for the prevention, control and eradication of certain transmissible spongiform encephalopathies

African swine fever – food establishments


Lists of Transporters


Transporters authorised for transport of animals for a distance of more than 50 km and journeys not exceeding 8 hours – Transporter authorisation TYPE 1

Transporters authorised for transport of animals for long journeys (exceeding 8 hours) – Transporter authorisation TYPE 2

Means of transport for transport of live animals


Others Lists


Aquacultrue production businesses

Aquaculture farm

Disease control aquatic food establishment

Approved free zones, free warehouses and customs warehouses in the Czech Republic

Foodstuffs with protected names

Private veterinarians approved by State Veterinarian Administration according to Regulation (EU) No 576/2013

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